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Our Story

Farm Fresh Food in Your Neighborhood

Every great cook knows that the best meals start with the best ingredients; every health-care professional knows that the quality of what we put in our bodies is directly related to our future well-being. But as a young adult in Richmond, I noticed a serious lack of fresh produce being grown and offered within our city limits. Organic was expensive, and usually came from rural towns I had never heard of. I started growing food because I loved it, but couldn't afford to eat the way I wanted to. My small balcony garden turned into 4-by-8 foot bed, that bed turned into a 1000-square foot garden, that garden went from producing enough for my family to also feeding my a handful of neighbors, which lead me to pursue a degree in horticulture. In 2021, we expanded into 3 urban lots, joined two farmers markets, and now feed hundreds of people throughout the Richmond community. Our mission is to bring great produce, good practices, and nature back to urban Richmond. 

We create a sanctuary for native pollinators, and encourage a healthy balance of predator-pests to minimize bug damage on the farm, If bugs are too big of an issue on one crop, we have the option to move it to another plot. This helps us remain 100% pesticide free. We also use a mix of no-dig/no till methods, and compostable packaging to minimize our carbon footprint. We add fertility to the soil by applying large quantities of organic matter each spring, and side-dress our fussiest plants with organic, slow-release fertilizers. 

The result is high quality products, delivered safely from our home to yours!

Happy Gardening 💐


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