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Farm Box Subscription

Get your Subscription today!

It starts with some compost and a seed. 

By employing no-till, bio-intensive practices, we naturally create more flavorful, nutrient-dense food. The seasons here in Richmond are long and generous, and we'd love to offer you a piece of our harvest!

This is a great way to support local farmers, and to promote sustainable, healthy eating!

Our boxes are $15/week for single subscriptions, with spring, summer, or fall 10-week subscription options, as well as a full season subscription. We try to offer as much variety as possible, and each share is about 4-8 different items per box, depending on availability .

 What you get:

The seasons freshest, best looking, most abundant crops. These varieties will all be planted and sent out when they are at their peak!

How it works:

1. You pay for your season of produce upfront, and we get to planting asap.

2. We select, clean and bunch each box fresh directly before the pickup date.

3. You will receive an email with a list of the box content that week, along with helpful information on storage and recipes. 

4. Boxes will be delivered on Thursdays to subscribers within a 1o mile radius of the farm.

pickup options are available to subscribers outside that radius.

Please note if there are any allergies, or any vegetables you hate beyond all reason. We will gladly make substitutions. Veggies you cant live without? List those too! Feedback is strongly encouraged, and will help us tailor our boxes to your needs. 

Feel free to email with any questions.

Thank you for supporting local food!

Our subscription boxes are available for pickup on-site on Thursdays, 10AM-7PM. Free delivery within 10 miles of our farm.


We're on a small urban farm plot. Some items that take up larger spaces, such as blueberries, peaches, and/or apples may be provided by other like-minded farming operations. We do this to insure you are getting the best of what our local season has to offer and will always credit the growers we partner with!

Single Farm Subscription

$15/box ($150 10-week season, $390 full season)

From May to October, receive fresh seasonal vegetables straight from the farm. This includes seasonal vegetables, herbs, small flower bouquets, and other available goodies.  Around 4-8 different items, depending on season and availability. 

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